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When you own or want to have your own BUSINESS, there are a few key ingredients you must have. You wouldn’t bake a cake without the flour. So lets talk flour… Flour is your main ingredient – without you will have a mushy mess and with that,  well...

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Land- They don’t make it anymore!

I find myself several times a week setting up searches and receiving calls from Buyers about Land. We all want our little slice of heaven. For some of you- you want 1-3 acres, just enough to have a little space. Be able to build a shop or have room to let the kids and...

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Help me – Help you

We all know that we have a circle of friends that we rely on. And social media has helped us stay in touch. Yet I can honestly say I still find myself saying “Who knows a great plumber?” OR ” Who has a great Hair stylist?” Soooo how awesome...

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